Question: How Do I download a file?

Answer: It’s simple! All you have to do is complete ONE single survey, then your file will proceed to be downloaded.


Question: Why do we have to complete surveys?

Answer: Simple we do not have enough space on our hosting to host the files. It costs too much and it will save us bandwidth and at the same time, keep our files safe. The revenue from the surveys completed allows us to pays for our hosting. Once we reach our goal, we might consider upgrading our hosts and make the files completely free, but that’s if you support us by finishing one survey.


Question: Can I make a hack/keygen/crack for a ______?

Answer: Absolutely! Make sure you send your requests to our Contact‘ Page, and make sure you are detailed when you’re up for a submission! We strive to be the best!


Question: Are your tools viruses?

Answer: Nope! We’ve been scanned and have been tested secure by CNET.com.


Question: How much do I have to pay?

Answer: You don’t have to pay a thing! Our hackers are available free of charge to anyone, for everyone!


We are Cheat-Engine Custom Team, a popular and professional hacking team for online games and codes exploitation. All the programs were carefully tested by our team before being publicly released, we guarantee that all our tools and generators are 100% working and safe to use.

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